Welcome to evergreen Cameron Highlands, Malaysia's largest and best known hill resort. Located in the state of Pahang, it was discovered and named after William Cameron, a British surveyor who in 1885 explored the area during a mapping expedition.

However, it was only in the early 1920's when the path up the mountain was improved that led to the development of a hill resort. At 1524m above sea level, the area enjoys a cool climate. It is perpetually spring season throughout the year with its cool temperature no higher than 20 degrees Celsius.

The cool climate also attracted a young British resident, John Archibald Russells who saw the potential of tea as an important cash crop in the region, thus began Boh Estate, the first highland tea plantation established in 1929.

With its fertile soil, the highlands was also found to be conductive for commercial cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Cameron Highlands tropical rainforest is one of the most complex in the region. It holds many secrets of the living eco-system. This unique rainforest that covers most of the land is rich in diverse wildlife from great mammals to miniscule insects.